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As we all know, our winters can be harsh and unforgiving. Between heavy snowfalls and the extreme cold, you want to make sure your home is prepared to handle winter. By not preparing and caring for your home properly during the winter months, you are putting your home at risk for potential damage. If you need some roof installation in Duluth, you need to make sure to choose the best company that’ll help you survive winter. Because one area to pay special attention to during winter is your roof. It protects your home from all types of weather, so be sure to invest in it. 


  1. Clear Snow When Needed


With so much snow constantly falling, it’s important to keep an eye on the status of your roof. You should generally clear the snow if there is over 2 feet piled on it. Leaving snow or ice to accumulate on your roof can lead to a number of issues including leaks as well as exterior damage. Tip: sticky doors, cracks on walls, and sagging ceilings are all signs of your roof being damaged by snow. Learn more about how snow build-up can damage your home in this article.


  1. Use Proper Equipment


It’s important to clear the snow off your roof from time to time, but how do you do it? When it comes to clearing snow off your roof the proper equipment is a must. Failing to use proper equipment puts you and your home in danger. Not only is climbing on your roof with a shovel very dangerous, you can also damage the eaves on your way up as well as the shingles while you’re trying to shovel the snow off. We recommend investing in either a telescopic snow shovel or a roof rake. This piece of equipment, only costing you around $50, will allow you to remain on the ground while also getting the snow off your roof. If you’re not comfortable with clearing the snow off your roof, a pro will be happy to assist you.


  1. Keep an Eye on Your Gutters


During a melt, your gutters should be working to keep your home dry. If you do not notice any water flowing through your downspouts this could be a sign of a blocked or even damaged gutter. With the water not exiting through the gutter, it means that it is escaping somewhere else, possibly into your home. If you notice anything off with your gutter system contact a pro immediately to resolve the issue.


  1. Report Any Damage to Shingles


Harsh winter storms with high winds and snow blowing can sometimes flip, tear, or crack your shingles. As your shingles are there to protect your home from outdoor elements, this is an issue. During the winter months be sure to survey your roof and the shingles for any visible signs of damage. If left unrepaired, leaks may occur and the wood under your shingles could rot, forcing you to repair a lot more damage.


Winter can be tough to manage, and if we’re not properly prepared, our homes can suffer damages. By taking extra precautions and keeping an eye on the status of your roof, you and your home can feel more prepared to take on winter. Follow these tips and get connected with a pro to help you prepare and maintain your roof during the winter.